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    Home Automation
    A Home Automation system allows you to take control of multiple
    systems within your home from a single interface. Control can
    be had from anywhere in the house, or anywhere in the world.
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    Motorized Window Treatments
    Precision Control
    Modern & Unique
    Easy to USe
    Enhanced Decor
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    Home Theater & Media Rooms
    The popcorn's ready and your family’s on the couch—tap
    "Movie Night" to dim the lights, turn on the TV,
    and play that night’s entertainment.
Home Automation

A Home Automation system allows you to take control of multiple systems within your home from a single interface. Control can be had from anywhere in the house, or anywhere in the world.

Lighting Control

Lighting Control, also known as "home automation", allows you to set the level of multiple lights at the touch of a single button. In addition, energy savings can be realized almost immediately.

Motorized Window Treatments

Provide comfort to living spaces by reducing the amount of heat entering a room, controlling the amount of light entering a room, and providing privacy when desired.

Home Security

A well designed home security system provides you with peace of mind knowing that your home is protected whether you are home or away. As part of your”home automation”system; you can arm and disarm your system from your mobile device!

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Multi Room Sound System

Imagine that you are in your bedroom listening to your ipod through in-ceiling speakers. Your kids are outside playing in the pool and listening to the radio through rock-shaped speakers placed in the landscape. Your spouse is sitting with friends in the dining room as background music from the cd player fills the air. This is the beauty of a multi-room home audio sound system, which gives you the ability to play music and/or watch video in multiple areas at the same time. All of this with a few touches on keypads placed in rooms throughout the house, or from an iPhone/iPad/Android Tablet to give you the freedom to move anywhere in the house.

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Lighting Control System

A lighting control system offers many benefits that can assist you in your everyday routine. Here are some that we feel are beneficial:

Energy savings- Having lights turn off automatically will prevent high utility bills that occur when lights are accidentally left on for hours at a time. We can also install wireless occupancy sensors to ensure lights turn off when you leave a room.

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Climate Control System

The average household spends around $2200 annually on energy bills, with almost half of that coming from HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning). With an automated climate control system, you can take control of your system to ensure it’s only in use when you need it to be. For example, adjust the temperature before you leave work to head home from your smartphone, or have the system automatically make adjustments based upon events such as the security system arming/disarming.

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Home Security/ Surveillance System

Surveillance camera systems offer you the ability to watch over your residence while you are away, or quickly see outside if you are home and hear something. We can integrate your home security camera system to display on the televisions throughout your residence, so you can easily scan the perimeter of your home should you hear something, or use it to monitor a newborn child while they sleep.

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Home Automation

We hear the term “Home Automation” often, but what exactly is it? Home Automation essentially is utilizing a system to control the mechanical systems in your house. Lighting, climate control, home security, irrigation systems, and audio/video are all systems that can be controlled from a single interface. Pressing a button labeled “Goodnight” can turn off certain lights, set the temperature, turn off electronics, and arm the security system. All of this can be done while at home, or remotely in the event you are at work or perhaps on vacation.

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Motorized Window Treatments System

Window treatments are present in most homes due to their ability to provide privacy and control light. Using motorized window treatments will allow you the flexibility to do both without having to lift a finger. You can have your automated shades open in the mornings to allow the morning sun to fill the house, and close automatically in the evenings when you set the alarm before bedtime.

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Home Theater/ Media Room

Are you looking for a home theater system? With the advancements in home theater and audio/video products, it is possible to recreate a true home cinema experience in the comforts of your own home. We partner with some of the finest brands to offer the best performance and reliability for you, whether it is a dedicated home theater room you desire, or a media room that is multi-purpose.

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Computer Networks

Whether you're a small business looking for a technology company to partner with or an enterprise looking for additional resources to complement your existing IT department, we have the expertise and capability to deliver world class technical services and infrastructure installations.

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Intercom & Gate Systems

Home Intercom Systems
Communicate from room to room and enjoy music in each room with one convenient intercom system. We have a complete selection of home intercom systems wired and wireless. If your not sure what you need.

Gate Systems
In this era of rising security needs, you need a company that specializes in gate systems and access control for your home or business.

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Video Conferencing

We make the video meeting experience easy and accessible to your home or office from any device, application or browser. Everyones one call away from pulling up a chair at the meeting.

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Energy Control

Reduce your energy consumption and improve your quality of life with state-of-the-art temperature controls in Staten Island, New York. Our automated systems offer cost-effective solutions to all your automation needs.

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