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We hear the term “Home Automation” often, but what exactly is it? Home Automation essentially is utilizing a system to control the mechanical systems in your house. Lighting, climate control, home security, irrigation systems, and audio/video are all systems that can be controlled from a single interface. Pressing a button labeled “Goodnight” can turn off certain lights, set the temperature, turn off electronics, and arm the security system. All of this can be done while at home, or remotely in the event you are at work or perhaps on vacation.

A common misconception is that these systems are highly expensive or can only go into large homes. The truth in fact is we offer home automation systems that are scalable, so you have the freedom to use the system in any size residence, from a two bedroom condo to a 15,000 sq ft home. The end result will be a system that provides energy savings, convenience, and complete control of your residence.

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